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Taking care of the environment

The rhythm of contemporary life leaves us all less time to think about how harmoniously we coexist in peace with our surroundings. However, attention to the question of the environment is an integral part of our company's development, which respects itself and its clients.

For us it is natural to be concerned that our activity would not damage the environment. Indeed we bear responsibility for our every step.

  • We accept metal hangers for recycling, which we use to fill our customer's dry cleaning and laundry orders, since they are suitable for repeated use.

  • Some of the bags we use to pack finished goods are made from biodegradable material. After being in nature or in a land fill for 1.5–2 years, they will decompose without a trace.

  • We do not allow dangerous chemicals to reach the sewage. All water that has even a trace of perchlorethylene is collected into containers and is deposed of properly.