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While customer satisfaction is guaranteed, things don't always go as planned.
If you have a claim, we promise to handle it in a fair and timely manner in accordance with consumer protection laws.

Our policy is as follows:

  • If you are unhappy with the pressing and/or cleaning of your garment, we will clean/press the garment again free of charge.
  • If we are responsible for damage in the cleaning process we will either return the garment to the store where it was purchased for replacement or credit or refund the cost of your garment.
  • If a garment is damaged and it is unclear who is responsible, Contrast Cleaners will pay to have the garment analyzed by an independent garment analysis laboratory. Restitution will be made based upon the lab's report.

Consumer Rights

The Extract from the Law of the Russian Federation "About protection of the rights
of consumers art. 4 p. 5 “QUALITY of the GOODS (WORK, SERVICE)":

  • "If the STANDARD stipulates obligatory requirements to quality of work or service, the executor is obliged to perform work, service which corresponds to these requirements".

An extract from State standard of the Russian Federation of GOST Р 51108-97 ch. 5 "Requirements to quality
of the products which have been last a dry-cleaner":

p. 5.19 After dry cleaning the defects revealed at reception of a product in a dry-cleaner are supposed:

  • the shown latent defects which have arisen owing to infringement of manufacturing techniques and wrong care by a product while in exploitation;
  • old spots resistant to deducing from a paint, a mould, silicate glue, chemical preparations, ink and oils on products from fabrics of all kinds, from natural suede and sheepskins;
  • chronic strips and threadbare in places of the greatest deterioration (a cuff and bends of sleeves, lateral seams, etc.) on products from colored sheepskins, natural and artificial suede, polyester fiber;
  • yellowness and the change of the color which has formed from long influence of sweat, from natural ageing the scalp, shown after dry cleaning;
  • infringement of integrity of a product, and also descent of loops on knitted products as a result of extended wearing or damages from ask grubs, shown after dry cleaning;
  • fuses, yellowness and the whitish sites which have arisen at wrong ironing in house conditions, at the time of manufacturing of a product and shown after dry cleaning;
  • crease marks and stratifying on products from the duplicated textile materials, formed as a result of extended wearing; leaks which have formed at processing by water solutions in house conditions.

Independent Analysis in Moscow

Autonomous Nonprofit Organization «Centre Analysis»

Shubinsky per., 2/3
tel.: (+7 499) 241-75-63, 241-53-66, (+7 495) 763-51-39

Autonomous Nonprofit Organization
Centre «Independent Analysis»

Marksistskaya ul., 20, str. 5
tel.: (+7 495) 784-74-03

Central Institute of Analysis, Standards and Certification

Elektrodnaya ul., 2
tel.: (+7 495) 380-25-48

TSNII Public Consumer Service

Lazorevy pr-d, 1/1
tel.: (+7 499) 186-03-34