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« Keeping your home
warm and cozy

In contrast to curtains and duvets, carpets are not only be an object of interior design, but also a worthy investment. Unique, hand crafted carpets were always objects of admiration, even objects to collect. Capable of serving one many years and of passing from generation to generation as a family relic, carpets more than any other textile, need thorough maintenance and careful handling. It is unimportant what you have chosen – an antique silk carpet from the countries of central Asia or Near East or a contemporary carpet, produced with the highest standards of quality. Every day it is subject to numerous tests – merry celebratory meals, noisy parties, little scientists and beloved fluffy ones.

In order to free your carpet from the consequences of prolonged use, and you from the unnecessary trouble, we will ensure the delivery of your carpet into our collection point and back. Our specialists will measure your carpet and will contact you to discuss the possible methods of cleaning and other nuances. Note that the cost of the transport of your carpet is, in most cases, already included in the table, which you can see to the right.

Please review our carpet cleaning prices remembering that the cost of collection and delivery of your favourite carpet is included in the sum.

Prices for carpets cleaning:

F Carpets Cleaning Quantity Price in Rubles
1 Silk carpets 1 sq.m 700
2 Deep nap carpets 1 sq.m 670
3 Wool and synthetical carpets, carpet coverings 1 sq.m 620