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Sheepskin coats professional dry cleaning: we offer a truly professional approach to genuine leather

They are beautiful! They are casual and smart! They are comfortable and warm! Sheepskin coats adorn us and protect from cold and wind! They are cozy! In a word – they are our favourites!

Sheepskin coats as all garments of genuine leather are beautiful and durable. The best features of this outerwear include good breathability, frost and moisture resistance. As a result, sheepskin coats are comfortable in the Russian climate. Moreover, sheepskin is a super aesthetical material and a fertile ground for various design ideas.

Unfortunately, sheepskin manufacturers including well-known ones tend to give no clear recommendations on the items’ maintenance. It happens due to the features of leather as a natural material, its original condition and the quality of manufacturing. We take all this into account when working with sheepskin coats.

Sheepskin cleaning technology

We use only proven methods of cleaning and the best brand of detergents. Though we take an individual approach to every item, here are six standard steps of sheepskin coat cleaning. We:

  1. Make a proper pre-cleaning examination. Determine leather features, defects and problems if any.
  2. Make tests of stability of a chosen dye. Fix the color for an after-cleaning tinting.
  3. Start cleaning using special delicate technology. Moderately contaminated items and those requiring gentle treatment are cleaned by hand under the technology developed by the Russian Salad Company.
  4. Choose color for tinting using the pre-cleaning sample.
  5. Conduct thermal treatment, water-proofing, brush the pile and control the size.
  6. Return a sheepskin coat packed in a special garment cover with Contrast logo. This cover may be used until the next season.

Prices for cleaning of leather and suede:

Sheepskin coats Unit Price
1 Sheepskin Coat – Full Length (more than 90 cm) with fur detailing 1 item 5500
2 Sheepskin Coat – Full Length (more than 90 cm) 1 item 5200
3 Sheepskin Coat – Knee Length (from 60 to 90 cm) with fur detailing 1 item 5050
4 Sheepskin Coat – Knee Length (from 60 to 90 cm) 1 item 4700
5 Sheepskin Coat – Short (up to 60 cm) 1 item 4300
6 Sheepskin Coat – Short (up to 60 cm) with fur detailing 1 item 4670
7 Pigskin coat w/imitation fur detailing (up to 90 cm) 1 item 3300
8 Pigskin coat w/imitation fur detailing (more than 90 cm) 1 item 3750
9 Leather/Suede Jacket, Knee length coat (mid-season) 1 item 3600
10 Leather/Suede Full length coat, raincoat (mid-season) 1 item 4000
11 Leather/Suede Jacket, sportcoat (lightweight) 1 item 2750
12 Hats, caps 1 item 2200
13 Skirt, pants, sundress, vest, shorts, shirt 1 item 2400
14 Rugs of natural fur sized up to 1 m2 1 item 760
15 Combined items not less than 50% textile 1 item 2600
16 Gloves pair from 1900

Why to rely on us

You should leave your sheepskin coat cleaning to Contrast specialists due to the obvious competitive advantages of our dry cleaner

  • Experience and professional skills. Our leather and fur technologist has a highly specialized education and an academic degree in this sphere.
  • Craft approach. We thoroughly examine every centimeter of the item, taking due account of all the leather features, and find out how it will behave when interacting with solvent.
  • Delicate cleaning. For cleaning sheepskin coats we use the most delicate technologies. Physical impact is minimized.
  • Best chemicals. We successfully work with leather types which require gentle treatment thanks to using delicate detergents from the best manufacturers.
  • Quick turnaround time We will return your sheepskin coat in the shortest term possible – from 24 to 48 hours.

Your sheepskin coat is cleaned by professionals

Use expert services for dry cleaning of tanned genuine leather items. We always guarantee a quality cleaning result. All you need to do to keep your sheepskin coat for a long time is store it in our garment bag.


About company

The first Contrast dry cleaner was opened in 1998. For the last 20 years of daily work we have grown to a network company, opened dozens of plants, collective points and express dry cleaners in big trade centers in Moscow and St. Petersburg.

More about company

Plants and 85 fixed collective points in Moscow, Moscow Region and St. Petersburg.


Hour minimum turnaround time


Minutes – is a maximum term for pick-up processing.


We work up to 30 km. away from the city. Client onsite visit at home or in the office. We pick up garments and return them clean.

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Gifts for loved ones

In the period from 13 to 30 April, when cleaning the ugg, a soft case for storage is provided as a gift.

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– 20% for all Services on Petrovka, 26

20% discount on all services at the new "Contrast" reception center at Petrovka, 26.

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Glory to the soldiers of the Great Victory!

All veterans of the Great Patriotic War in the period from 1 to 15 May all dry cleaning and catering services free of charge.

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20% discount for dry cleaning of curtains and carpets

From May 20 to June 5, a 20% discount on dry cleaning of carpets and curtains.

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It’s time! Discount for dry cleaning of fur coats

From 9 to 30 June, a 15% discount on dry cleaning of fur coats and other fur products.

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The first step to the top five!

50% discount for cleaning children's things up to 38 sizes. To schoolboys and preschoolers - personal stickers for clothes, shoes and school supplies.

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Frequently asked questions

I was recommended to clean my curtains with you. However, they are made of heavy velvet and I am concerned about the result. Is it possible to clean such curtains?

Contrast Cleaners offers dry cleaning and aqua cleaning of all types of curtains and lace, including curtains made of silk, tapestry and velvet. If you have any questions or concerns, you are welcome to have a personal consultation, free of charge, with our technologist in our express dry cleaners, or by telephone after submitting your order.

I have expensive designer buttons on my coat. Will they be ruined during cleaning?

Expensive, exclusive or fragile accessories are carefully removed from the garment before cleaning, and then are sewn back on in their proper place by our professional tailors. Moreover, we use many delicate cleaning programs, as well as those for designer clothes.

Will a blanket shrink after being dry cleaned? Will there be any chemical smell left afterwards?

Dry cleaning (without the use of water) is the main service offered by dry cleaners, which provides the best conservation of the form, colour and texture of the item. Moreover, modern chemicals and programs provide nearly complete absence of smells after cleaning. We also guarantee repeat cleaning, free of charge, if you for any reason are not satisfied with the results. We will be happy to take care of your blanket!

I have a down coat which has been treated with a stain and water repellent. Can it be cleaned?

Before cleaning, all garments are inspected by our technologist, who determines the proper method of processing. Moreover, we offer stain and water repellent treatment for garments which were initially treated with a protective layer but that has worn off or never had one. You can learn more about this service on our web site or in our collection points.


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