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« Making your windows
look beautiful

No matter how your house is decorated – abounding with details or formal and restrained, curtains are certainly present. Intended to hide your personal life from curious views and the bright solar rays they are capable, at the height of a workday, of creating in your room the atmosphere of relaxing shade and a comfortable mellowing of tones. Unfortunately, curtains are always one of the most prevalent gatherers of dust and smells in the house. The aromas of refined dishes are appropriate, if they come from the kitchen, and not from your favorite lace curtains in the drawing room. The smell of tobacco can gladden, when it wafts from a rare cigar, but not from the heavy velvety portieres in your office.

You can forget about residual allergies forever, after entrusting your curtain cleaning to our specialists. Hydrocarbon cleaning for the finest silk, standard washing for unpretentious materials or traditional dry cleaning for the noble velvet – we will select the ideal treatment for your curtains. Forget about the shrinkage of cloth and other troubles. After all, we measure the blinds before and after cleaning, guaranteeing to return them to you in their original form, leaving only the dust, spot and smells behind. If you wish our specialists will remove your curtains and will re-hang them after cleaning.

Prices for cleaning of curtains:

F Other Items Quantity Price in Rubles
6 Curtains thin, silk, translucent, tablecloth (thin) 1 sq.m 205
7 Curtains thick, portieri, tapestries 1 sq.m 340
8 Two-layer curtains 1 sq.m 450