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Dry Cleaning

« All garments need care,
and for some – special care

In the rhythm of contemporary life, the kaleidoscope of daily events doesn't stop even for a minute. The tense situation of business negotiation is followed by a weekend in the suburbs, supper in a fashionable restaurant follows on from a theatrical premiere, and you always remain the center of attention. A formal suit or luxurious dress, a comfortable pullover or chiffon peignoir – for each event, the appropriate attire is found in your dressing room. Accompanying you in any life situations, your clothes must be impeccable. Indeed, their state in many respects affects your own confidence.

No one is spared from small everyday troubles, but we know very well how to remove the consequences. We will make sure that the recollections of your family dinner remain only in your memory, not in the form of stains on your favorite silk necktie. Each garment reflects the individuality of its owner; therefore for us there are no unimportant trifles and minor details. The most attentive approach with the most careful handling – these are our main principles.

For all questions concerning the care of your clothes, our Technologist will be pleased to consult with a wealth of experience that does not overlook a single detail.

Prices for dry cleaning:

A Knitted Articles & Jeans Quantity Price in Rubles
1 Beret, cap, hat, scarf, mittens, gloves (knitted) 1 item 480
2 Athletic pants, athletic shirt (polo, tennis shirt) turtleneck, baseball cap 1 item 600
3 Sweater, pullover, vest, cardigan 1 item 680
4 Sweater, pullover, vest, cardigan, trousers with fur or leather detailing 1 item 1100
5 Overalls, coveralls 1 item 940
B Suits, Vests, Ties Quantity Price in Rubles
1 Vest 1 item 490
2 Trousers, Jeans 1 pair 700
3 Capri Trousers, Jeans 1 pair 600
4 Tie 1 item 500
5 Shirt, men's dress shirt, blouse, short sleeved jacket without a lining 1 item 550

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