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« Parting with your favorite
purse can break your heart

To select a bag, which corresponds to all your requirements is never easy – it must be comfortable and roomy, quality made and fashionable, and most importantly – beautiful. Psychologists assert that the contents of a purse are capable of reflecting the nature of its owner no worse than a good horoscope. However, in the course of time its surface will tell a lot about the way you live. Being trusted to all secrets and the keeper of the most essential things, a favorite purse gradually loses its fresh form, and ceases to appeal to the owner. It is our pleasure to offer our aid in the prolongation of the life of your treasured accessory. Indeed, now the Contrast network of dry cleaning stores offers the restoration of bags.

Note that in the collections of fashion houses the bag is represented as an accessory, made for one season, and is not intended to be cleaned. Glance inside your bag, and, we assure, you will not find there label with the recommendations regarding cleaning, which you are accustomed to seeing on clothing. The special features of some materials do not allow for the application of cleaning products. We should advise therefore that even after the most careful cleaning your bag will not return to a new status. Nevertheless, we apply all efforts so that it would continue to serve you as long as possible. Our technologists will tell you about all the details and nuances of work with your accessory. After all an individual approach to each item is part of our philosophy.