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« Clean and crisp
cuffs and collars

Elegant and formal, ideally clean and impeccably ironed – men demand a lot from a shirt. The cleanliness and accuracy of the collar and sleeves are almost the most important part of the image and compromises in this question are not allowed. You can depend on our specialists to bear the responsibility for this part of your appearance and, we assure you, they will not disappoint.

We will help you to select standard washing for the usual white shirt or aqua-cleaning for a shirt of the highest quality, requiring special care. Depending on your wishes, we will deliver your shirts ready to wear, on hangers which support the collars, or folded, packed and ready for travel. As necessary, and at no additional cost we will insert collar stays, which guarantee the dimensional stability of the collar. The latest German ironing equipment and the caring hands of our ironers will not miss one fold.

Look your best and feel your best, everydaThere will not be any unpleasant surprises in the form of torn buttons or lose threads – our quality controllers will do everything to make sure that you remain content. We strive to ensure your impeccable appearance every day.

Prices for shirts cleaning:

    Quantity Price in Rubles
L4 Shirts (starch and conditioner included) 1 item 320
В5 Shirt, mens dress shirt (drycleaning) 1 item 550