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Shoe Repair

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your shoes

Our skillful cobblers work with the versatile German «HARDO» and Italian «LAVARDO» machines and use imported materials and glues and the best domestic products, made under French license. They will quickly and with quality replace a heel, stretch the top of a boot, change lifts on heels and add protective soles, put zippers into boots, apply water-repellent impregnation and will thoroughly polish your shoes with reliable Collonil footwear products.

After your footwear is repaired it will be returned to you in convenient packing with inserts to maintain their form.

Your new shoes won’t grow old anymore, if you follow some rules of footwear care.

Our shoe repair service is available to all home and office delivery customers and at the following locations.

Prices for shoe repair:

K Heels, heeltaps Quantity Price in Rubles
1 Heeltaps metal рair 650
2 Heeltaps poly, rezit рair 650
3 Customer’s heeltaps рair 300
4 Heeltaps formed рair 780
5 Replace heel, no covering (w/heeltaps) pair 1900
6 Replace an instep support 1 item 730
7 Reinforce a heel 1 item 420
M Soles, protective sole Quantity Price in Rubles
1 Attach protective soles pair 1100
2 Hand sew soles full 1 item 1150
3 Partial sole repair for protective soles pair 500
  • Clean shoes are accepted for repairs
  • Express repairs in the presence of the customer, + 50% of the price
  • 30% discount on children's shoes up to 33 size
  • All repairs are guaranteed for a period of 2 (two) weeks
  • Shoes with synthetic soles are accepted without guarantee

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