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« The best way
not to get lost

How is it possible to think about such dull things as sweater or a bag with a change of shoes, when before you lie the most interesting challenges in the world; of high-speed block building, finger painting or participation in bicycle races? Absent-minded little ones constantly leave their things in the most unexpected places, and this is an eternal headache for their parents. Now parents can resolve this problem by decorating their children’s belongings with personal stickers. No more confusion and no more trouble! Gathering up your madcaps for summer camp, you can be assured they will not mix up their sports shirt or shorts with the neighbor's. Foot-wear, school equipment, sport uniforms - now everything can be decorated with beautiful, bright stickers with the name, surname and an amusing picture, which the small owner can select themselves. The glue base of the stickers is sufficiently strong and durable to be ensure a secure bond to the clothing, while at the same time sufficiently delicate so to not leave a trace on the material.

You may design and order your stickers in any Contrast Cleaners collection point

Order stickers by any of the following methods:

  • in any «Contrast» collection point (orders are delivered within 5 working days);
  • fill out an on-line order on the website www.metki-etiketki.ru;
  • or call by telephone (495) 988-91-64, from Monday through Friday from 10:00 to 18:00.

Prices for personal stickers:

Personal Stickers Quantity Price in Rubles
1 White rectangular labels for clothes 45х10 mm 50 items 420
2 Stickers for shoes, diameter 28 mm 20 set 320
3 Slim stickers for school 45х10 mm 20 items 250
4 Big stickers for school 45х10 mm 20 items 320
5 Sew on clothing rectangular labels 90х16 mm, 80х25 mm 30 items 230
6 Bag tags – Card 85х54 mm, one-side printing 1 item 120

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