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« Creating the ideal
form for your figure

Good shoes – quality made, beautiful and comfortable – are capable with proper care of satisfying you for more than a season. Being one of the most important elements of your image, a pair of fashionable shoes is capable of enhancing the status and uniqueness of its owner. The authority and pace of a man’s gait or the ease and weightlessness of a woman’s walk depend first of all on how comfortably you yourself feel in the selected foot-wear. Every woman is familiar with the happiness, which comes with the acquisition of another pair of beautiful sandals or fashionable boots. However, your foot-wear is subjected not only to intense observation from those around you, but also bear the rigors of everyday life. Dust and mud, snow and reagents, cobblestone pavements and other dangers await your feet at every turn, shortening the life of your favorite shoes.

We offer to you not only the cleaning of foot-wear and water-repellent impregnation with the use of the most modern products, but also restoration – the replacement of accessories, heels, heel taps, the stretching of the calf of a boot. After all the necessary procedures are complete, we put special inserts into your shoes to maintain their form, free of charge.

Prices for tailoring:

R Replace a Zipper (customers zipper) Quantity Price in Rubles
1 Skirt, simple pants 1 item 460  
2 Jeans made of thick material 1 item 685  
3 Coat – windbreaker or similar (up to 80 cm) 1 item 1070  
4 Coat – made of insulated material 1 item 1180  
5 Downcoat (up to 80 cm) 1 item 1000  
  Shorten & Sew Hem, Sew Hem of an Article of Clothing Quantity 1 cat. 2 cat.
6 Trousers with cuffs (turn ups), zippers, slits (velvet, velour) 1 item 855  
7 Simple trousers or jeans 1 item 480 800
8 Insulated trousers, jeans with lining, insulation 1 item 745  
9 Straight skirt 1 item 460 685

All garments made of leather, suede and fur are considered second category.
All repairs are made with the materials of the customer. All repairs are made only on cleaned or new garments.

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