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Theatrical costumes

« Caring for objects of art –
this is also an art

Where in this modern life is it possible to come across parchment camisoles and crinoline skirts, if not at the theatre? In one evening on a stage, several centuries can be seen, and sometimes the fantasy of a director encounters within the framework one setting overalls made of jeans and a dress from the era of Ludovic XIV. Every day the theatrical costumes are riveted with thousands of views. They must be historical reliable, strike the attention of spectator with splendor and by sublimity, to emphasize the character of the actor, helping him to express his role to the audience. A good costume will not save a poor actor, but a poor one is capable of spoiling his impression even from the most irreproachable play; therefore a costume designer has no room for error. Daily use, make-up and strip lights – are not best friends of capricious cloths and hand embroidery; therefore theatrical costumes need special attention and constant professional care.

In the course of many years, leading Moscow theaters have entrusted to the caring hands of our specialists their main treasures – silk and velvet, taffeta and atlas, luxurious and formal, historical and modern. Caring for objects of art – this is also an art, and here “Contrast” is deservedly considered one of the best.