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Wedding Dresses

« Your wedding dress – a symbol
of the most important day in your life

The focus of any wedding celebration is always the bride. Indeed, hundreds of eyes are directed toward her throughout an endless celebration. The emotional minutes of official ceremony, the sacred exchanging of vows, the walks to favorite places for timeless photographs, the evening in a restaurant.

It is no secret that the selection of the wedding dress sometimes requires more energy and time than any other detail of the forthcoming celebration. This symbol of one of the most emotional and happy events in the life of a woman is, as a rule, stored with great care after her wedding. Whatever your dress, luxurious or restrained, it is subjected to numerous ordeals during the celebration. Invisible to the eye, a spot from champagne, perfumes or toilet water in the course of time can turn yellow and spoil your dress. For this very reason, when the fanfare is silenced and the guests have gone, the bridal dress needs no less attention than the bride herself needs on her honeymoon.

Your wedding gown is first inspected for stains, loosened beads, and open seams. All repairs are tended to before the cleaning process. Your delicate gown is then pretreated for stain removal and is professionally cleaned by our skilled garment care specialists using the finest and most gentle products available. Between Aqua-cleaning, Hydrocarbon cleaning, hand-washing and traditional methods, we can offer the best cleaning solution for your gown.

It is our pleasure to take upon ourselves the concerns about any dress, regardless of the cleaning complexity. Whatever is required - serious restoration of the luxurious train, embroidered by pearls, or delicate cleaning of a modest suit, we will ensure the most attentive approach to one of your most treasured and beautiful dresses.

Prices for cleaning of dress wares:

C Dresses, Skirts, Scarves, Blouses Quantity Price in Rubles
* Wedding dress simple cut 1 item 3600
* Wedding dress simple cut with detailing (beads, sequins) 1 item 4900
* Wedding dress styled cut 1 item 6300
* Wedding dress styled cut with detailing (beads, sequins) 1 item 7300
* Cocktail or evening dress or skirt simple cut 1 item 2100
* Cocktail or evening dress or skirt simple cut with detailing 1 item 2590
10 * Cocktail or evening dress or skirt styled cut 1 item 3600
11 * Cocktail or evening dress or skirt styled cut with detailing 1 item 4700
12 Corset simple cut 1 item 2000
13 Corset with detailing 1 item 2700

* – Delivery time: 5–7 days.