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Black color – a special place in world of fashion

Each people associate black color with hundreds of legends and beliefs. Is it a symbol of mystery and mourning, and sexuality, and even fertility in some African tribes as it is the color of lightning storm clouds which bring a long-awaited rain. Physicists emphasize its uniqueness as it contains the whole spectrum of colors and poets make it the eye color of their heroins. The fashion world is not an exception, black garments have always been special.

In European tradition, black color is first and foremost known as a symbol of mourning, estrangement from worldly pleasures. Nevertheless, black clothes have not always been an attribute of inconsolable widows or monks. In medieval France monarchs, public servants and bankers would wear black dresses and suits. The same tendency one could see in China at the time where aristocrats were the only persons to wear black kimono to stress their noble origin. But by the XIXth century, the dye industry development in Europe made black clothes available to all classes without exception, and one could see a black-dressed person more often than any other.

After several decades the world-known Coco Chanel would gift one of her best works – a little black dress- to all ladies in the world. It would survive the war, sexual revolution, era of minimalism and unisex – that is a unique case in fashion, capricious and changeable, that mercilessly reject the same thing it praised last year. Stylists from all over the world recommend every lady should have one in her wardrobe as it is appropriate whenever and wherever you are and what is the most important it can make its’ owner unrecognizable.

What is the secret of the black color? Why does it never lose ground and stay so desirable for fashionistas? The first and the foremost reason is its ability to reduce visual size. Is there any lady, even the slimmest of them, who is not dreaming of looking a bit slimmer? Secondly, it is much easier to choose an appropriate garment if you have a black dress in your closet. Red may seem too aggressive, brown – too gloomy, green may not suit you but black color is always perfect. Office week-days, business meeting, outing to the cinema with friends, a romantic dinner – in black you will always look perfect. Thirdly, a black garment is a universal base for any image that will stress your identity. It may be a vamp in a low-cut dress or an elegant lady in a sheath dress or a flirtatious student in a midthigh cocktail dress.

Although, you should keep in mind that you cannot pass unnoticed if you have chosen a black garment, so the image must be perfect and thoroughly thought out.

Thanks to their great ability to hide figure disadvantages, black garments stress attention to accessories so it is important to express as much tact and moderation as possible. As black color is a timeless classic, another unfailing fashion favourits – a necklace of pearls and red lipstick will suit it. Ideal cut, “aristocratic” fabric and proper accents will help you create an inimitative image and assure admiring glances in any situation.

Whatever materials you prefer, please remember that black garments are very capricious and demanding. The wrong chemicals or the slightest overheating when ironing may cause an uneven color. Stains, abrasions and dust are more visible on black garments than on any others therefore you should treat them timely and carefully. Aqua cleaning is the most preferable as it provides more delicate and equally efficient treatment as the usual cleaning. It prevents such unpleasant surprises as shrinkage or stretching and the colors of your garments will stay full and deep.

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