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What should you take with you on a business trip?

Есть что-то особенное, чудесное в свежем и отутюженном постельном белье

“What to take to a one-, two- or three-day business trip?” – we start thinking about it a day before leaving. Your head is going round and the wardrobe is upside-down.

Let’s learn from other people’s mistakes:

Imagine a familiar situation – an urgent business trip, to get ready you’ve got a day at most, an evening to be precise, even a night. Your plane is leaving in the morning. Together with colleagues you have planned a busy schedule: a presentation, then negotiations, dinner, a stroll on the embankment, if you have the time and energy. These are radically different situations and hence different garments. You face the eternal question, “What to wear?”

I have tried a million combinations and now I am a real expert. Here are my five rules, which I will share:

RULE 1. Color combination

Your garments should match each other. Their color and style really matters. Evening dress may differ, its goal is different – to make you look gorgeous.

RULE 2. Business wardrobe

You must take a pencil skirt, a coat and a straight classical dress. They are appropriate both for negotiations and dinner – you just have to change shoes and choose ear rings. You should have trousers, jeans, two essential blouses: dark and light.

RULE 3. Changing image with accessories

Accessories make your image. Two scarves: one conservative for afternoon activities and one bright for the evening. Ear rings should be heavy, intricate to dress up for the evening and light barely perceptible for business meetings. Take one clutch for special events.

RULE 4. Excellent condition of garments

All garments must be ready for the trip!

Perhaps, it is the most important rule. I took care too late and found stains on my favourite blouse and dress. This often happens: you put the garment on, stained it and forgot it until the next occasion. Not as advertising, only because I have used Contrast services for a long time, I want to recommend this dry cleaner to you. You can’t deal without it in such urgent cases. I have gathered the garments and took them to express dry cleaner in “Evropeisky” trade center. Maybe not all but the most necessary of my garments were cleaned in two hours. This service in not cheap but it is worth the price.

My clothes were cleaned, ironed and specially packed for a suitcase and I went on packing in a good mood. The rest of the garments the courier brought home during my trip, I didn’t  need them.

RULE 5.  There are many types of shoes

When the clothes are packed start packing shoes.

Take three pair. If you are going to a two-day trip one high-heeled pair and one flat pair are enough. I took flats, sneakers and black pumps.

“I wish you to be ready for any situation and not to take more than you will need”

Anna Romanova.


 This text was prepared for Contrast-


by one of our regular clients,

a journalist,

who personally asked not to reveal her name.

However, she kindly agreed to write

on our blog and share her experience

got in different life circumstances

under the name of Anna Romanova

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