Контраст химчистка

Fur care and storage tips

  • Ideal fur storage conditions are 58% humidity and 7 degrees Celsius. If storing the coat at home use a broad hanger, and do not cover it with plastic. Plastic, which has no pores for air ventilation, will prevent the coat from breathing. This will cause drying of the skins, and will prematurely age the coat. Use a cloth bag if necessary.
  • Find a place in your home that is not too humid or dry. Your fur coat requires proper air circulation. Allow your fur coat or other garments proper space in your closet. Avoid using moth and cedar balls as they often leave unpleasant odors on fur.
  • Do not sit for a prolonged time in your fur coat as this may lead to the crushing and premature wear.
  • Refrain from excessive use of shoulder bags while wearing your fur coat, as this too will lead to premature wear.
  • If your fur coat gets wet, shake it off and let it dry naturally. Using heat will cause both fur and leather to dry out.
  • It is necessary to take your fur coat to the dry cleaner every season. Do not disregard this rule as only in case of proper care your fur coat will look perfect for a long time.
  • When having your fur coat cleaned it is important to clean both fur and the lining. It is the most time-consuming process and we often recommend to replace the lining.
  • Mend any small tears immediately. Often times delaying a repair can lead to an expensive replacement of pelts.
  • Be sure to have proper annual care including cleaning, conditioning, tightening of buttons, closures and lining and the mending of early tears – some will be invisible to you. Proper cleaning and conditioning of your fur coat and other garments will often remove most unwanted odors.
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