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New look at a tablecloth

Постелить на стол красивую, нарядную, отглаженную скатерть

To layout a beautiful, nicely, ironed tablecloth is possibly the quickest and simplest way to transform your interior and create a festive mood at home. A good hostess has various tablecloths in the cupboard – linen, lace, crocheted, and embroidered. Though the time of magnificent balls and entertainment has long passed, today there are still some table linen rules we should follow on occasion.

Table cloth material depends on the event you decorate the table for. If the dinner coincides with a serious, ceremonial event a tablecloth should first of all give a good showing of glittering crystal glasses and silverware, so it’s better to prefer a light plain fabric without decorative details such as embroidery, prints etc. The same rule is applicable when the plates are decorated with paintings – your tablecloth may be colored in the same spirit as the paintings but plain, otherwise the table will look motley and messy.

If you want to attract attention to the tablecloth, plates and glasses should look modest. It looks beautiful and stylish to decorate a table with two plain tablecloths – one light the size of the table and another bright smaller one in the center.

When choosing fabric it’s better to buy natural ones such as linen and cotton. They are not only sustainable and safe but also durable. If treated properly linen tablecloth and napkins will serve you for many years and be constantly used for the main family celebrations.

From very ancient times the tablecloth has been one on the most important elements of a girl’s dowry whether she was rich or poor, as the coziness and warmth of the her new home depended exactly on what she would bring along.

Girls would decorate towels, tablecloths and napkins for several years, from their childhood till the very wedding day. Today you can buy almost every tablecloth but even the most expensive one should be treated carefully.

Not to spoil preparations for the family celebration with an unpleasant surprise of a dirty tablecloth and napkins left after the last dinner follow some tablecloth care recommendations. They will help you to keep table linen in perfect condition and you will be always ready even for the most unexpected guests.

Old stains are the worst thing to happen with any tablecloth. Even a drop of oil or a harmless sauce that can be easily removed immediately after dinner, may spoil your tablecloth forever if you put it into the cupboard for a long period of time. Thoroughly examine your tablecloth and napkins immediately after dinner when you can easily remember the festival menu and assume what the origin of the particular stains is. Although, do not put the tablecloth into your washing machine  at once as some types of stains must be pre-cleaned and others are impossible to take out after having been washed.

You can easily remove paraffin left on a tablecloth after a romantic dinner by putting paper tissues on and under the cloth and ironing it several times. Please note that if your candles are made of colored paraffin, a dye may leave stains which are much more difficult to remove so you should better use a holder that would prevent hot drops from dripping on a tablecloth. White wine and apple juice stains are also sort of pitfalls – you can’t see them immediately and they are difficult to remove afterwards. We recommend you to turn to your dry cleaner. The technologist will evaluate the fabric quality and find the appropriate way of cleaning to remove the remaining paraffin that can cause damage to threads and drink stains.

White salt is one of the well-known ways to remove stains.

Spreading some salt over a fresh wine, coffee or juice stain you may significantly increase chances to clean your tablecloth later. Salt absorbs liquid, preventing fabric and dye contact, and you won’t have to clean the tablecloth at once. Please be aware that this way can’t guarantee a total removal of a stain.

Whatever fabric you choose for you table and whatever you eat for dinner, trust a professional to clean your table linen. You will not only escape household chores but also prolong the life of your favorite tablecloth, and you will enjoy it again and again, and remember your dinners with great pleasure.

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