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Textiles in your home interior

We all want to have a good rest and to relax after a busy working-day with lots of events and meetings. Your office or hotel room may be comfortable but only a truly cozy interior will let you leave all your problems behind. Modern windows will provide you fresh air and quietness; a reliable door will let you feel safe and independent, and sitting in a leather arm-chair near the floor lamp in the study you can concentrate on your thoughts. But what is comfort? Any home atmosphere consists of many unique little things which like kaleidoscope glasses form the unique atmosphere of every home. Home textiles that make every corner of your house charming and warm obviously have an essential role to play.

Remember any cozy place you can – your grandmother’s home where you have spent your childhood, an old country house full of treasures and discoveries.  We are sure you will recall a beautiful table cloth taken out of the trunk only for the very special occasions, a warm blanket to roll yourself in when sitting on the porch in the evening, knitted tablemats. These things which may at first seem unimportant will make your house one-of-a-kind as well as the place you always want to come back to.

Not everybody wants to see embroidered pillows and chintz cloths from Ivanovo in the room but curtains and carpets look perfect in every home. This be-all and end-all of home textile is appropriate even in the interiors with modern blinds on the windows and parquet flooring. The main function of such elements is not practical but decorative. Light, short curtains are good in the kitchen, more heavy and dense ones may be used in the bedroom or in the living-room where you may want to take a break from everyday life.

If you do not feel comfortable with a carpet that covers the most part of a room, choose small bedside carpets for your bedroom or creative rugs near the sofa in the living-room. Bright carpet on the floor and a couple of harmoniously colored elements will make your room both stylish and cozy even if it is very austere.

If a functional PVC tablecloth is the best choice for a kitchen table, you should use a textile tablecloth for your dinner one at least from time to time even if its top is made of rich woods. A linen tablecloth is good for family gatherings, a silk one for a romantic supper, a chintz one for a children’s party. These very details will show the guests that you have done all your best to prepare for their visit and give your home a hint that this evening will be special. Properly selected tablemats and beautiful tableware will help you gain the reputation of good hosts with perfect taste.

A soft, nice to-the-touch blanket in the bedroom will keep private the most intimate part of any home – the bed. A couple of pillows of contrast or the same colors as the blanket and the curtains will make you feel even more calm and warm in your bedroom that is essential. Baldakin is an element coming from the Middle Ages that was unduly forgotten in the age of technological progress and that is fortunately gradually returning to our homes. It does not necessarily have to be a huge wooden construction with heavy dark velvet curtains as we immediately imagine it. Baldakin can be replaced with a simple anti-mosquito screen coming down from the ceiling to the four corners of the bed as well as with the lace curtains on each side symbolically separating the place where you sleep from the rest of the room. In your child’s room you can be creative and attach textile butterflies and flowers to the colored net – even your small designer can do it. Sleeping under such a Baldakin every girl will feel like a princess from her favorite fairy-tale.

You should put some pillows on the sofa in your living-room where the whole family can gather in the evening to watch a film or look through a photo album.

You will have the sweetest dreams after dinner or a good book reading and the sofa where you can roll yourself in a warm soft blanket is the best place you can find. After covering your arm-chair with the same throw or a knitted blanket, you will quickly change the familiar room for the better. Add such elements to the home interior and very soon you will come home in the evening with great pleasure, and your home atmosphere will become warmer and relaxed, no guest will enter your home without exclaiming: How very cozy it is here!

It is very important to treat your home textile properly as well as to take it to the dry cleaner. Do not wash home pillows in a washing machine, they may lose or change their color, attached elements may split off. We also do not recommend washing fabrics of natural wool as they require delicate treatment.

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