Контраст химчистка

Contrast: who we are, where we go and how we work

The first Contrast dry cleaner was opened in 1998. For the last 20 years of daily work we have grown to a network company, opened dozens of plants, collective points and express dry cleaners in big trade centers in Moscow and St. Petersburg.

Today Contrast is:


15 plants и 85 fixed collective points in Moscow, Moscow Region and St. Petersburg.


Client onsite visit at home or in the office. We pick up garments and return them clean. We work up to 100 km. away from the city.


Maximum turnaround time 2 hour. Pick-up processing takes 1 to 15 minutes

Our goals

Our 3 fundamental standards are perfect quality of cleaning, quick turnover and high level of service culture.

Our mission

Is to promote standards of using things for an extent period of time without buying new ones too often. Therefore we stand against overproduction and overconsumption that causes environment pollution and fills every person’s life with rubbish.

Our goal

Is to make dry cleaning expert services available to each client to save his time, energy and money.

about company

We help our clients to use their clothes, interior items and accessories for a longer period of time that, on the one hand, saves their money and, on the other hand, lets them indulge the soul with their favorites.
We suppose it is very important in our century of consumption


Contract dry cleaner uses the best equipment from Germany, Italy and Sweden to ensure the highest quality of cleaning and finishing.


We select chemicals according to their ability to clean fabrics effectively and without damaging them and do not put cost-cutting over quality. Therefore we use only the best European chemicals such as: Alberti Angelo, Bufa, Fenice, Kreussler, Seitz.

We have an extensive range of dyes and paints for leather and suede that makes it possible to match any color. Dyeing is conducted in a specially equipped chamber that assures perfect result.

Due to the professional training and the best chemicals used our specialists successfully work with delicate and capricious garments of exclusive designer labels.

Hydrocarbon solvents

After hydrocarbon solvent treatment textile and leaver become soft and smooth while retaining their brightness and have no chemical scent.

These solvents are not aggressive; they are low-toxic and eco-friendly. Hydrocarbon acts more delicately than other detergents, it neither removes paint from textile no washes natural fat out of woolen fiber, leather and suede. At the same time, it completely removes fat, wax, sweat, vegetable and motor oils, tar, polish, paraffin, caoutchouc, bitumen and many other contaminants traces.

Membership in Associations

Contrast is an acknowledged leader in the capital dry cleaning and laundry market. The company is a member of Russian and foreign professional associations. It lets us to adopt best practices of our foreign colleagues, improve the level of services provided to people as well as the staff working conditions.

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