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To be sure your boots are always perfect, do not forget tohave them cleaned immediately after the season

We clean your shoes. Order our delivery, we will arrive, pick up all the shoes and return, then in a few days in perfect condition!

Give your coat to the dry cleaner on time!

Expert dry cleaning of fur coats at "Contrast" cleaners

Order the most gentle hand dry cleaning wedding dress

Also we can clean shoes, gloves, handbag and hat of the bride and suit, tuxedo

Dry cleaning of curtains with delivery

We will come, remove the curtains, pick up, clean and return your order to your home or business! And we will hang the curtains ourselves! The simplest solution is to order dry cleaning of curtains with delivery from "Contrast".

Контраст химчистка

Shoe cleaning in Contrast Cleaners

Professional dry cleaning gives your shoes, boots or high boots a new lease of life.

Shoe cleaning is a full service. It includes surface cleaning, abrasions and smoothing out streaks, stain removal, color restoration and unpleasant odor neutralization.

We treat your shoes as craftsmen: thoroughly clean them by hand paying attention to the features of the leather and controlling every detail. After cleaning the sole looks like new as if you have just bought your shoes. Laces and bows are cleaned and ironed – perfect!

How we clean shoes: steps

Contrast Cleaners perform shoe orders under a special algorithm. Here it is.

  1. The client brings his shoes, boots, trainers and UGGS to the collection point of the dry cleaner or hands them over to the courier in a place appropriate for him.
  2. Our dry cleaner’s specialist determines repair and cleaning methods, informs the Client on the time the order is ready.
  3. The shoes undergo total cleaning; they are cleaned and polished as necessary.
  4. After a series of procedures and at no additional charge, we use special inserts to maintain the form of your shoes.
  5. After the footwear is repaired it is returned to the client in convenient packing. You can also order personal stickers for a box to keep shoes in until its’ season comes.
  6.  Also consider our ozone treatment for shoes, trainers and UGGS.


Ozone treatment ensures: 

  • Total disinfection, kills viruses, bacteria and fungus spores;
  • Effective neutralization of unpleasant odors;
  • Dust and organic allergy prophylaxis.

Read more about ozone treatment you can here

Prices for shoe repair:

Shoes Unit Price
1 Heeltaps, heels рair 750
2 Sole, protective soles рair 1270
3 Clasps, zippers 1 item 860
4 Minor repairs 1 item 330
5 Stretching shoes ( the front vamp) рair 2250
6 Leather shoe cleaning (shoes , boots, half-boots) рair 720
7 Leather shoe cleaning (boots) pair 1660
8 Leather shoes cleaning with "Water stop" treatment (shoes , boots,half-boots) рair 900
9 Leather shoes cleaning with "Water stop" treatment (boots) pair 1900
10 Heel cuff, insoles рair 1130
11 Shoes treatment "Water stop" (without cleaning) pair 350
12 Suede shoe cleaning - shoes, moccasins, boots,sneakers pair 1710/2170
13 Suede shoe cleaning -half boots pair 1890/2360
14 Suede shoe cleaning - boots, UGG boots pair 2490/2940

We really take care of your shoes

What advantages we can offer the clients who bring shoes to Contrast Cleaners:

  • Cleaning and water-repellent impregnation with the best specialized chemicals;
  • Professional repair: our experts will replace accessories, heels, lifts on heel, stretch the top of a boot;
  • Quick turnaround time. Your shoes will look ideal in 24 to 48 hours.

Shoe cleaning all year round

A pair of smart shoes or stylish high boots is an essential element of your image that shows the status and individuality of the owner. Footwear needs effective and careful cleaning all year round. But in the mid-season time this service is especially important as the roads are strewed with ice-melting chemicals. Whatever the season is you should follow the rules of footwear care provided by the manufacturer. Then you will wear your shoes longer and bring them to the dry-cleaners less often. Try professional footwear cleaning and repair and you will like the result.


About company

The first Contrast dry cleaner was opened in 1998. For the last 20 years of daily work we have grown to a network company, opened dozens of plants, collective points and express dry cleaners in big trade centers in Moscow and St. Petersburg.

More about company

Plants and 85 fixed collective points in Moscow, Moscow Region and St. Petersburg.


Hour minimum turnaround time


Minutes – is a maximum term for pick-up processing.


We work up to 30 km. away from the city. Client onsite visit at home or in the office. We pick up garments and return them clean.

Membership in Associations:

Dry-cleaning is on the way to Shell gas stations

“Contrast cleaners” and Shell gas stations are holding a joint special offer to mark the opening of new collection points in Moscow and St. Petersburg!

When you make your first order at a Shell ...

Express dry cleaning in Mamyri

We opened a new “ Contrast” express dry cleaner  in Mamyri!🎉

We are open every day from 10:00 to 22:00!

Get a quality dry cleaning service in just 2 hours!

Full address of the point: ...

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30% discount 14, 23 February and 8 March!

Dear friends! We congratulate you on the holidays and offer you a gift: bring men's and women's garments together on the  14, 23 February and 8  March and receive a 30% discount!

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5 secrets of clothing care

"Contrast" technologists helped journalists from the online magazine "Heroine" to make a short guide about clothing care.

You can read the article here.

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Happy New Year!

We wish you in the New Year, that all that was thought of in the new year's eve-come true! We wish you to achieve all the goals, your life presents only pleasant surprises and will be filled with ...

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We are glad to invite you to the new reception point of dry cleaning "Contrast", which recently opened on Nevsky Prospekt in TH "Passage". On the occasion of the opening, we give a 20% discount to ...

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Frequently asked questions

I was recommended to clean my curtains with you. However, they are made of heavy velvet and I am concerned about the result. Is it possible to clean such curtains?

Contrast Cleaners offers dry cleaning and aqua cleaning of all types of curtains and lace, including curtains made of silk, tapestry and velvet. If you have any questions or concerns, you are welcome to have a personal consultation, free of charge, with our technologist in our express dry cleaners, or by telephone after submitting your order.

I have expensive designer buttons on my coat. Will they be ruined during cleaning?

Expensive, exclusive or fragile accessories are carefully removed from the garment before cleaning, and then are sewn back on in their proper place by our professional tailors. Moreover, we use many delicate cleaning programs, as well as those for designer clothes.

Will a blanket shrink after being dry cleaned? Will there be any chemical smell left afterwards?

Dry cleaning (without the use of water) is the main service offered by dry cleaners, which provides the best conservation of the form, colour and texture of the item. Moreover, modern chemicals and programs provide nearly complete absence of smells after cleaning. We also guarantee repeat cleaning, free of charge, if you for any reason are not satisfied with the results. We will be happy to take care of your blanket!

I have a down coat which has been treated with a stain and water repellent. Can it be cleaned?

Before cleaning, all garments are inspected by our technologist, who determines the proper method of processing. Moreover, we offer stain and water repellent treatment for garments which were initially treated with a protective layer but that has worn off or never had one. You can learn more about this service on our web site or in our collection points.

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