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Clothes and footwear ozone treatment removes odors and kills 99.9 per cent of bacteria and allergens

Ozone is a powerful oxidizer and natural germicide. It effectively removes odors and kills viruses, bacteria and fungus spores. This gas exhibits its oxidant properties in a moist environment. Its decomposition causes synthesis of active hydroxyl radical in the water that effectively destroys organic materials.  In nature, ozone is created by lightening strikes during a thunderstorm.  The smell of fresh, clean, spring air occurs naturally from the natural creation of ozone.  The ozone layer covers the entire planet high in the atmosphere and helps protect us from the ultra-violet radiation.  This colorless, unstable gas with a strong smell has very powerful oxidizing properties.  Having three oxygen molecules, this gas is a strong oxidizer. Ozone treatment helps you totally neutralize unpleasant odors and remove allergens from your garments and shoes. It is an additional service provided apart from other dry cleaning services.

How we ozonate garments

This process includes only three steps. We:

  1. Remove main contaminations.
  2. Ozonate the garment in a special chamber.
  3. Hang the garment and/or pack it into a garment case.

What to expect from ozonation

Ozone treatment’s key advantage is it is applicable where other chemicals are risky or even impossible to use. It is an effective way and alternative cleaning procedure for things which cannot be cleaned traditionally. Ozone can be used after an intensive sport workout, after a fire, or to eliminate pet odors. Ozone does not clean, per se. It only removes odors, bacteria and allergens.

Rely on our experience!

Ozone treatment is a delicate supplementary environmentally friendly cleaning process for garments and items various materials. The process uses no chemicals or water and has no physical impact and maintains color and quality.


About company

The first Contrast dry cleaner was opened in 1998. For the last 20 years of daily work we have grown to a network company, opened dozens of plants, collective points and express dry cleaners in big trade centers in Moscow and St. Petersburg.

More about company

Plants and 85 fixed collective points in Moscow, Moscow Region and St. Petersburg.


Hour minimum turnaround time


Minutes – is a maximum term for pick-up processing.


We work up to 30 km. away from the city. Client onsite visit at home or in the office. We pick up garments and return them clean.

Membership in Associations:

Gifts for loved ones

In the period from 13 to 30 April, when cleaning the ugg, a soft case for storage is provided as a gift.

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– 20% for all Services on Petrovka, 26

20% discount on all services at the new "Contrast" reception center at Petrovka, 26.

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Glory to the soldiers of the Great Victory!

All veterans of the Great Patriotic War in the period from 1 to 15 May all dry cleaning and catering services free of charge.

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20% discount for dry cleaning of curtains and carpets

From May 20 to June 5, a 20% discount on dry cleaning of carpets and curtains.

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It’s time! Discount for dry cleaning of fur coats

From 9 to 30 June, a 15% discount on dry cleaning of fur coats and other fur products.

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The first step to the top five!

50% discount for cleaning children's things up to 38 sizes. To schoolboys and preschoolers - personal stickers for clothes, shoes and school supplies.

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Frequently asked questions

I was recommended to clean my curtains with you. However, they are made of heavy velvet and I am concerned about the result. Is it possible to clean such curtains?

Contrast Cleaners offers dry cleaning and aqua cleaning of all types of curtains and lace, including curtains made of silk, tapestry and velvet. If you have any questions or concerns, you are welcome to have a personal consultation, free of charge, with our technologist in our express dry cleaners, or by telephone after submitting your order.

I have expensive designer buttons on my coat. Will they be ruined during cleaning?

Expensive, exclusive or fragile accessories are carefully removed from the garment before cleaning, and then are sewn back on in their proper place by our professional tailors. Moreover, we use many delicate cleaning programs, as well as those for designer clothes.

Will a blanket shrink after being dry cleaned? Will there be any chemical smell left afterwards?

Dry cleaning (without the use of water) is the main service offered by dry cleaners, which provides the best conservation of the form, colour and texture of the item. Moreover, modern chemicals and programs provide nearly complete absence of smells after cleaning. We also guarantee repeat cleaning, free of charge, if you for any reason are not satisfied with the results. We will be happy to take care of your blanket!

I have a down coat which has been treated with a stain and water repellent. Can it be cleaned?

Before cleaning, all garments are inspected by our technologist, who determines the proper method of processing. Moreover, we offer stain and water repellent treatment for garments which were initially treated with a protective layer but that has worn off or never had one. You can learn more about this service on our web site or in our collection points.

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