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About the Company


Contrast was founded in Moscow in 1998 with the goal to provide an alternative level of service and quality than existing dry cleaners. The company has developed the business by enlarging its network of collection points in the best supermarkets and trade centers in the city. We have continuously reinvested capital in the latest technology for our plants, created new express dry cleaning plants and made our collection points more comfortable for our customers.


Contrast uses the best equipment available to ensure the highest quality of cleaning and finishing. Our processing plant in Marino (Southern region of Moscow) is equipped with Bowe (Germany) and Firbimatic (Italy) dry cleaning machines. Veit (Germany) finishing equipment is used throughout the plant with the latest ironing tables and mannequins. In the laundry section, we use both Miele (Germany) and Electrolux (Sweden) machines.


Contrast makes every effort to use the best chemicals and cleaning agents including Bufa, Seitz, Kreussler (Germany), Fenice, Alberti Angelo (Italy). Chemicals are selected by us according to their ability to clean clothes effectively and without damage. We have an extensive range of dyes and paints for leather and suede making it possible to match any color. Dyeing is conducted in a specially equipped chamber, corresponding to all contemporary requirements of painting leather. Our specialists successfully work with delicate garments of all well known and exclusive designer labels.

From July 2005, with the installation of new dry cleaning machines using hydrocarbon, we can delicately clean practically any fashionable clothing made from the most “demanding" and capricious materials. A great advantage of hydrocarbon cleaning is that textiles and leathers become soft and smooth to the touch, the colour remains bright and there are no dry cleaning smells left on the clothes. Hydrocarbon solvent is not aggressive; it does not damage our air, soil and water.

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Contrast Cleaners was awarded by the Government of Moscow, the diploma "The Best Service Company in Moscow 2008".


The Best Drycleaner of Moscow 2007


In 28 of February 2007, Contrast Cleaners was awarded by the, "Russian trade Olympics", the diploma "For high level service and service quality".